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'Tis the season for a good read with THEBOOKJEANIE

Modern Lovers by Emma Staub. In the 1990's, four friends at Oberlin form a short-lived but locally successful rock group. Twenty years later, Andrew and Elizabeth are married with a teenage son, Harry;  Zoe is the owner of a successful Brooklyn restaurant with her wife Jane, and the mother of a rebellious teen, Ruby; the fourth member, Lydia, died from an overdose after becoming a highly successful raspy-voice singer with her recording of Elizabeth's composition  Mistress of Myself. Her brief career and young death catapulted her to Janis Joplin status and now Hollywood wants to create a biopic but they need the other former band members to sign off on the deal. For Andrew and Elizabeth, pressure from the movie studio creates an added strain to their marriage as they mull over the possible consequences of exposing their complicated past lives. Like many middle-ages hipsters, the three friends are proud of their free-wheeling…