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Reading in Spain... a return journey with  THEBOOKJEANIE

In 1974 I flew into Madrid, the blinding sun causing me to squint as I exited the airport and looked around for the bus heading into the city. My destination was not Madrid but a city that was hundreds of miles north where I would meet a friend with whom I would eventually travel with all over Europe that summer. The destination of the student charter flight had been suddenly changed from Paris to Madrid. No matter that I was meeting my friend in Amsterdam. I was a typical American twenty-something: educated, fresh out of graduate school but grossly ignorant of world geography, languages besides English, and how to pack for two months of travel.  Nevertheless I managed to make my way to the Estacion de Atocha, buy a second-class ticket to Amsterdam, and board a train that would take me north over the next two days. Later that summer my travel companions and I made our way back to Madrid, to take in that magnificent city that comes…