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Spring . . .New Beginnings with THEBOOKJEANIE

This photo by Zeb Andrews, taken in the spring tulip fields of Holland brings back memories of driving across the border from Germany and suddenly finding ourselves surrounded by vast swathes of color, in every hue you could imagine. As we were stopped by the side of the road to admire the tulips in full bloom, we heard a loud clunk and turned to see a young woman lying stunned on the ground behind our white Volvo station wagon. Beside her lay her still-intact bicycle and as we helped her to her feet she seemed stunned and unable to explain what happened. Coincidentally, an ambulance driver had seen the accident on the main road and had pulled off to assist. It appeared that the young Dutch bicyclist was so amazed herself at the beauty of this spring morning amidst the thousands of brillantly colored tulips that she was not watching where she was going and ran full speed into our car.  "That was very dumb!" said the ambulance driver…