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Pause for a moment with THEBOOK JEANIE
An artist like Picasso creates a work of art for his own purpose and intention. The viewer is free to examine and interpret,  to create a personal meaning that transcends any critical appraisal of the work. In 1932, Picasso painted a dreamy portrait of his current lover, Marie-Therese Walter:  Woman with a Book. To me, I see a woman reflecting upon what she has read, making connections with her life and the world around her. I invite you to pause while you are reading, to make connections with the text, and reflect on how the book affects your own ideas and perceptions.    

The Man Without a Shadow by Joyce Carol Oates. "Can there be a man without a shadow? Without a memory is like being without a shadow. I am that person. I think." The voice is that of Eli Hoopes, a descendant of an old Philadelphia family, a somewhat solitary and rebellious member of the clan, who went camping alone on a small island in Lake George, New York and was inf…