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Summer Reading with THEBOOKJEANIE 
Always in pursuit of a shady spot to read in the summer, I discovered this little hideaway at the historic Hubbell Trading Post in the northeast corner of Arizona. A perfect place to pull out my book basket and browse through the selections that I picked up earlier in the day at the sale in the desert atrium of the Sedona Public Library.  By the time I completed my solo journey to Colorado, the front seat of my car was filled with novels by Isabel Allende (Island Beneath the Sea) andMarguerite Duras (The Lover), a memoir of Paris by Alex Karmel (A Corner of the Marais), as well as texts and pamphlets on Navajo code talkers, Canyon de Chelly, and the largest meteor crater in the U.S.

New and memorable reading . . .

After turning the last page of Andrea Barrett's book of short stories,ShipFever, I wanted to skip back to the beginning and start again. Short stories are not my favorite genre so this was an surprising reaction to a debut collection that…