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Escape, slow down and read. . . withTHEBOOKJEANIE
The holiday season is here, time to take a deep breath and try not to get overwhelmed. Life often presents challenges and stress and it is so easy to let days go by without picking up a book. Here are a few suggestions for  those quiet moments, the special times just for yourself when you can fall into another world. And remember. . . the gift of a carefully chosen book from your favorite local bookshop can be the most meaningful one.    

The Invention of Wings. Sue Monk Kidd. In Kidd's exploration of the role of Southern women, both slave and slaveowner, in the half-century leading up to the Civil War, she provides a startlingly fresh perspective on how some women rejected the boundaries of their lives and struggled to affect positive change for themselves and others. Sarah Grimke was not at all comfortable with the "gift" of the young slave Handful on her 11th birthday - she even had the temerity to inform her mother that…